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Learn more about your SEER rating…

Q: How do I know what is the best air conditioning, heater, furnace and/or complete system for my home?
A: It depends on the size of your home and if you require a gas or an electric system, the SEER rating, your budget, and which brand you prefer.

Q: What is a SEER rating?
A: It means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, which is defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute in its standard ARI 210/240, Performance Rating of Unitary Air-Conditioning and Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment.

Q: What does the SEER rating mean to me as a consumer?
A: The higher the SEER rating is, the more efficient the unit/system will run, which in turn, will save you money. However, it will cost you a little more up front when you invest in this higher SEER unit/system.

air conditioning contractors | Burleson, TX | Cool Climate Air Conditioning & Heating | 817-295-6519

Keep your home running efficiently with preventative maintenance…

Q: My air conditioner is not cooling. What should I do?
A: You may wish to try these fixes first before you contact us:

  • The FIRST thing you should do is check your filters. If your filters are clogged, it can cause your air conditioner to shut down.
  • Check battery(s) in the thermostat.
  • Check your breaker(s) in the thermostat.
  • Be sure to make sure nothing is blocking the air handler in the attic.
  • Another tip for good maintenance includes that you turn OFF the system at the breaker and wash out the exterior coil. (FYI: When you mow, do not have the mower discard the grass into the unit. This will clog and damage the unit!!)
  • If your problem persists or if you do not feel confident in completing the above maintenance checks, call us. We are always happy to help!!

Q: How often should I change my filter(s)?
A: We recommend replacing your filters every 30 days during our hot, hot Texas summers. Use an average 3M pleated filter. This is a very easy and cost effective way to maintain your system.

Q: How often should I schedule preventative maintenance for my system?
A: We recommend twice a year (spring & fall) for home applications, commercial applications may be different.  Call us to learn more.

Other Questions...

Q: What makes and models do you service?
A: We service and repair ALL makes and models of equipment in residential and light commercial applications.

Q: What brand(s) do you recommend?
A: This actually depends on each dealer and supplier. Every dealer and supplier offer different deals and incentives. Also, everyone seems to have a preferred product. We primarily recommend ComfortMaker because; it is the brand that Carl (Cool Climate's owner) has installed in his home, which makes for a logical recommendation.

Q: If I pay more for a brand, does that mean it is a better quality of equipment?
A: Yes, some products are truly made better than others. However, sometimes you are just paying for the luxury of a particular name. Do some research and find out which brands have other brands affiliated with the company and may be lesser known. Often, these "off-brands" are excellent quality products, but cost much less.

Tip: Just like cars--you need to consider: not "if" but "when" future repairs will need to be made, will you mind paying more for brand name parts and supplies? Sometimes these items can add up to be quite costly over time.

Q: Why does Freon cost so much?
A: This is a direct result of a dramatic increase in the price of the most common Freon refrigerant in older air conditioning systems, known as R-22. In some cases, prices for R-22 Freon have more than doubled this year. Since January 2003, the price has increased by more than 500%!

Q: Why have the prices increased so much?
A: In January, 2010 the EPA banned the manufacture of new air conditioners using R-22 because of its ozone-depleting effects. The use of R-22 was not banned, but R-22 can only be produced or imported for the servicing of existing equipment. By January, 2015 consumption must be reduced by 90% and by January 2020 consumption must be reduced by 99.5%. Production of R-22 will be banned in January 2020. In January, 2012, the EPA proposed a significant reduction in the production and distribution of R-22 by as much as fifty percent, apparently to expedite the reductions and resulting in such sharp price increases this year. And, owners of systems containing R-22 should expect to see costs continue to rise dramatically over the next five to ten years as supplies diminish.

Q: Our energy bill seems high, how will I know if I need more insulation?
A: As a general rule, a good 12 inches of loose insulation is recommended to provide better savings on your utilities.

Q: Do you offer extended warranties?
A:  Yes, we offer extended warranties on new equipment. Please ask your technician or call our office for more information.

air conditioning contractors | Burleson, TX | Cool Climate Air Conditioning & Heating | 817-295-6519

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